b. 1986, HK.


"One of my passions is flying" - NATASHA NAZAN


Art has been one of the most positive and important aspects of my life. Since I was little I was exposed by my dad that drawing and painting are the best language which surely kept me out of trouble. With a little base working exposure of the Interior Design and architecture in my family, I found myself as a very passionate and ready to challenge myself to be in the field of architecture and design.
My objective is to obtain my level of position in an energetic environment that will foster my speciality and push me to grow as a passionate and global outlook designer in my future endeavours. My passion for interior design began on my own journey towards the design, decoration, and functionality of a space. It is amazing how it brings me to the sensitivity to human behaviour towards design. And to live in variety of styles and approaches, is not merely my own personal vision.

CV available upon request.