Habib Jewellery (retail design)


Founded in Penang in 1958, Habib is a family-owned jewellery house that has carved a niche position in Malaysia. For this proposed project, this retail is situated on the ground floor of Alamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya. This boutique set over two floors. Each floor has been given a distinct aesthetic, the retail concept is based on the Habib’s meticulously crafted jewellery.

The ambition of this project was to create a corporate design language for the company Habib. With the mix of traditional carved partition and modern upholstered wall, the front section of the boutique is dedicated to the latest product of high end jewellery whilst the back section of the boutique is dedicated for consultation area and VIP room, where clients can privately explore jewellery items of choice. The safe room was also located at the back parallel to VIP room. The door was concealed with the same materials of the wall and stairs, making it looks like hidden door due to safety issue.

At the second floor, this section of the boutique is treated in a more elegant manner, based on the clientele for exclusive woman jewellery collection. There are wrapping area, consultation area, display area and workshop room for the company to receive tailor-made service. Each areas was provided with a specific space following certain guidelines to assure a harmonious appearance. The hall is enriched with decorative ceiling elements and polished marble floor. Accordingly feminine colour and luxury compositions were chosen, finalizing in a secluded lounge corner with a wall mounted television.